Successful Entrepreneurs…What They Do To Get That Way

Successful Entrepreneurs…What They Do To Get That Way
Have you ever asked yourself why some of our Young Living members do so well while others seem to disappear off the grid? Everyone starts at the same point, with the same information, and the same guidelines. So, what happens? There are several reasons that make some people very successful.
Successful entrepreneurs have several common traits that I want to share with you. You probably share many of these traits, however, there may be some that you haven’t even thought of yet.

Successful people tend to do the following:

They schedule their time carefully. Everything goes on the calendar. Multitasking, while many say that they thrive doing this, is not something that successful people tend to do. Instead they focus on one important task at a time. All attention is aimed on the task that has the biggest impact on their business.

Put family as a priority
Highly successful entrepreneurs make sure they know what is important in life, and unless they are travelling, make sure that there is always time for family. This helps them keep perspective. Remember, work will always be there.

Keep a notebook handy
Many highly successful people keep a notebook handy. You never know when you are working on a particular task that something else will pop into your head. Don’t lose the thought. Write it down. This is also a very helpful method if you are one of those people who can’t unwind from the day when it is time to sleep. Pulling your thoughts out of your head and placing them on paper helps to settle your mind.

Process e-mails 1-2 times a day
You may think that e-mail is critical to your business, however, there is no need to check it more than a couple of times each day. Remember, if the information is important to your business, you will get a telephone call. Check it in the morning and before you leave for the evening and you will find a lot more time available during the day.

Let other people do what they are good at
Do you have someone who likes to write blogs? Let them do it. Have someone who is terrific at holding classes? Go for it! Team them up with someone who hates holding a class but is great at social media. Together they can make a difference. You’ve got many people in your organization who have special talents. Focus on those talents and help them with the things that they are as talented at doing.

One good way to get started each morning is to write down the three most important things that you want to accomplish each day. Don’t pick things like reading your email or figuring out what to post on social media. These daily goals should be items that will move your business forward. For instance, three daily goals for me could be:

  • Plan my weekly call topic for my leader’s call
  • Farmer’s Market-Determine the recipe for the farmer’s market cooking demo and who will demo it. Verify the next month’s schedule. Verify handouts, samples, and supplies.
  • Calendar all classes/events that my team has scheduled for the next month. Look for holes in the schedule, who needs assistance etc.
You may wonder how someone can get all of this accomplished in one day. Well, highly successful people tend to wake up early and take advantage of the early morning hours. They also tend to keep positive on all of their activities. In other words, they aren’t afraid to tell themselves “Good job!” or “Today will be a great day!” They move ahead no matter what setbacks occur. This is one of the most challenging things to accomplish.
Everyone has the opportunity to be a successful entrepreneur. Who are the most successful people that you have seen with Young Living? One of our great successes is D. Gary Young. Here’sThe Foundation of Your Business a commentary by Gary about building your business based on your beliefs and your abilities.

Quitting is NOT an Option! How to Keep Yourself Motivated

Quitting is NOT an Option! How to Keep Yourself Motivated
Being an entrepreneur is an exciting adventure, which, at the beginning consumes your energy, attention and time. Often, once the initial excitement of new products and a fast-paced business has slowed down and life starts to return to your more normal routines, you may think that you made a mistake, or wonder why you decided to have your own business.
If you are like most people, there are moments when your motivation lulls and you may experience a level of frustration. This is especially true if you have left the corporate world as an employee and made the leap to having your own business. As an entrepreneur, any situation that impacts your business can also impact your life and vice versa. It is not unusual for people to second guess their decision on why they started their own business. Motivating yourself and your team through these normal feelings is challenging at times.
 It is easy to stay motivated and get others excited when all is going well. The challenge that we are all up to meeting, is to keep being motivated when we want to quit or slow down.
Here are some ways to motivate yourself and your team through the challenging times.

We already know that Young Living offers great products, service and support for all members, so your first item to work on is:

Remember why you became a member of Young Living
Think back to what made you start your business. Revisit your original reasons for using essential oils and get excited again. Remind yourself and your team by sharing why you became a member.  Engaging friends and fellow members in your excitement will re-ignite your previous passion for your business.

Focus on positive thoughts
When your motivation ebbs, it is easy to think negative thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking or saying, “Why did I start this business?” or “This takes too much time/money/etc.” It is time to readjust your thinking to “I started this business because _____________.” Or, I’m investing my time/money because I believe in the products and my ability to share this exciting adventure.

Set a schedule
 Plan regular hours for doing business. If you keep a crazy schedule without regular hours, you are more inclined to lose your motivation. Planning specific times to work will help you plan your free time too. Block out your work time and stick to it.

Take a break
Refresh your mind and body by planning time to meet with friends, take a vacation and separating personal time from business time.  Everyone needs a break from time to time. The most successful business people make sure that they allow time to recharge.
You may be thinking that leaders can never have down time. Not true! Everyone suffers that motivational downswing periodically. What you do when you begin to lack motivation can make a difference in the success of your business. Blending your lifestyle and livelihood takes talent. Encourage your team members to follow these tips if they hit a lull. If you need to be reminded of what success looks like, go to Member Moments and see what key members have to say.

Remember When You Joined?...Support Your New Members

Remember When You Joined?...Support Your New Members
I was thinking about all of our new Young Living members, and remembering when I started with YL. How exciting it was to become a part of this great group. I have talked recently to new members, and realize that there are many things that I should think about with these people.

Things that are part of my lifestyle or second nature to me are brand new to our new members. Take a moment and put yourself in the place of a new member. Here’s what I discovered and need to remember as I work with new people.

The lingo or acronyms
Watch for the blank look when you are talking to someone. PV? Essential Rewards? EO? If you start out your conversations like this, you may find someone who becomes overwhelmed and not comfortable asking you what it means. I am so used to the lingo that I need to watch myself when speaking with a new member. Remember, they may not be comfortable enough to ask you.

Go over your social media sites
Make sure that each new member knows that ANYONE can ask questions or comment on anything on the site. Many people are afraid to share. You can help them with interacting on social media by doing it yourself. New members will do what YOU SHOW them. The more interaction that is on social media, the more success people will have. Make it a goal that each of your members interacts on social media each week. This also encourages them to create their own social media sites, because they will see how well it works with your sites.

Have your new member set up a class/workshop quickly and run it for them. By demonstrating the way to lead a session, you have provided your new member with a plan for success. Remember, you can tell someone how to do something, but showing them reinforces it. I did this last week for a new member and she has had positive responses. What a great way to give a new member a jump start to success. Their success is your success!

Suggestion: Break things down into less overwhelming information. Make a point to contact the new member a few times the first few months. Help them make those first orders. Instead of just sending out a newsletter, contact them and ask if they have questions about it. Make sure that they are connected on your social media pages. You want them to be in contact with your information as opposed to other companies.
Let’s make our new members really comfortable from the beginning. I think that you will find that they will continue with Young Living and you instead of dropping off of your lists.
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