Using Technology to Build Your Team
Using Technology to Build Your Team
These sites basically FREE  unless you upgrade
To learn the business  Oil Ability Team/ GamePlan
Share your love for the products  Lindsey Elmore "The Farmisist"
Yes, encourage them to check out resources
   LSP books, trifolds, and everything else  Life Science Publishers
   Banners and flyers  KRE Publishers
Social Media
ORD Graffics monthly and powerpoints   Oil Revolution Design
         Not a site for webiste but to get graphics for posting and facebook classes $55 a year
Free Graffics  Canva   
Free Images and Pictures of Young Living  Flickr
Email and Contact List  Mail Chimp
Raindrop Training RaindropTechnique

mastermind pic.jpg

Free Webinar face to face Zoom.US  
 Chime is new with amazon, but not free

 Star 7pm eastern
Senior Star 8pm eastern
Executive 9pm eastern       

weekly class.png    weekly classs 2.png


Cartoon Character Blasts of YOU           7933842-175766613_7-s1-v1.png

Free website creator  Wix Website Free 
There is a cost for these sites but very minimal and priceless. 
           Tools to project your check and downline details App Oily Tools $5.99
           Taxes to make your life easy and make more $$$  Taxbot $5

Websites to purchase from other members $15-$49 a month
EssentialScentsabilities  (Ryan Prather has a comparison chart of most of these sites
              Marketingscents (Terry Secrest)
              YLDist  (Michelle Little)
             Abundant Health (this is new and a store)
             ylwebsite  (Dallas VonHarding)
              ylscents(Life Science Publishers)
              Oilysites (New)
              My Oil Site  (Michael Durham)
            * GetOiling  (New) Launches 2/14/17 by Royal Crown Connie and several of her leaders)                                                                                                         
Get all your posts done for the month (or year)
        Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+, youtube free
      Facebook Classes Schedule for every 3 minutes. I do 2x a month

  Other formats complementing Young Living and your wellness
Create a Facebook Page to create a follow up system for your members to have a place to communicate. 
FB live daily 3-6 minutes
   Instagram live or snapchat won’t record so they won’t travel as far

Google Drive  
    Google Doc 
    Google for sheets
    Google Presentations

Online Signitures


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