Meet Tina

 I'm dedicated to making this year my best year yet. With ambitious goals and a strategic plan, I'm ready to create an extraordinary life.

Health and Fitness: My top priority is achieving a body fat percentage of 15% or lower and reducing visceral fat. I want to look and feel my best from the inside out. 

Personal Growth: I'm on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace. I've committed to a spiritual retreat and plan to embark on four incredible vacations for new experiences. 

Business and Career: I'm passionate about empowering others to earn $50K through their side hustles. I'm also determined to double my income and achieve the prestigious rank of Platinum Executive Director in my career. 

Family and Friends: Building and nurturing relationships is a top priority. I have plans to visit loved ones who live out of state to ensure our connections remain strong. 

Relationships: I'm embracing the journey of love by going on regular dates to find someone special to invest my time and energy in. 

Finances and Wealth: I'm committed to securing my financial future by investing in an income-generating asset. This step brings me closer to financial freedom and a brighter tomorrow. 

2023 is all about transformation, creation, and chasing dreams. I'd love to hear what you're working on this year! Let's inspire each other to reach new heights!

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